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Mac & Mc

McArthur: Original Hotel & Bar, Dawson (1904)
McCaffery, Joe: McCaffery & Sunderland's Roadhouse, Mayo (1920s)
McCain, M.A.: [McCain's] Roadhouse, Fort Selkirk (1900)
McCarty, L.J.: [Douglas & Ross] Roadhouse, Ridge Road (1900)
McConnell, Edward: The Melbourne Hotel, Dawson (1901)
McCormick: The Louvre, Dawson (1902)
McCormick, E.J.: The Portland Restaurant, Dawson (1899)
McDevitt, Frank H.: [McDevitt] Hotel, Grand Forks (1902)
McDonald: Indian River Road House, Indian River (ca.1899)
McDonald: [M&M] Roadhouse, No.30 Below, Hunker Creek (1899)
McDonald: Savoy Theatre, Dawson (1901)
          : Bristol Hotel, Dawson (1904)
McDonald, Alex: [McDonald] Roadhouse, Upper Dominion (1899)
McDonald, Alexander Roderick: Hotel Clarence, Atlin (1899)
          : Irving Hotel & Cafe, Atlin (1899)
          : Hotel Irving, Discovery (1901-1902)
          : Wynton Hotel, Wynton,BC (1906)
          : Yukon Hotel, Conrad (1906)
McDonald, D.H.: manager, Hotel Chilkoot, Dyea (1898)
McDonald, E.A.: Irving Hotel, Discovery, BC (1902)
McDonald, J.A.: ? Hotel, Five Fingers (1899)
McDonald, J.: Hotel McDonald, Dawson (1901)
McDonald, James F.: Empire Hotel, Dawson (1901-1904)
McDonald, Joseph A.: M & N Bar, Dawson (1907)
McDonald, Peter A.: M & M Saloon, Dawson (1897-1898)
          : M & M/Phoenix Saloon, Dawson (1898-1899)
          : Hoffman House, Dawson (1898)
          : The Bank Saloon, Dawson
McDonald, Philip "Phil": Bristol Hotel, Dawson (1905)
          : Roadhouse in Whitehorse area (1909)
McDonald, R.D.: Hotel D'Russell, Gold Bottom (1900)
          : McDonald Hotel, Grand Forks (1908)
McDonald, Samuel: The Hub, Dawson (1902)
McDougall: Gold Bottom Hotel, Gold Bottom (1901)
McGee, W. Sam: Canyon Roadhouse, Kluane (1904)
McGee, Barney: White Horse/Vancouver Hotel, Whse (1904-1905)
          : Windy Arm Hotel, Conrad City (1905)
          : Commercial Hotel, Whitehorse (1905-1914)
M'Gill: Old Inn, Guggieville (1917)
McGillicuddy, Miss: No.4 Roadhouse, No.4 Lower Dominion (1900)
McGinnity, J.T.: [McGinnity's] Roadhouse, No.29 Gold Run (1900)
McGrath, Edward G.: Arlington Saloon, Dawson (1899)
McGrath, Lawrence: Granville Hotel, Granville (1917-1920)
          : Principal Hotel, Dawson (1936-1939)
McGregor, "Check": Board of trade, Dawson (1899)
McInnes: [The Miners' Rest], Teslin Lake (1898)
          : The Miners' Rest, Discovery, B.C. (1899-1902)
McIntosh, Bob: Pioneer Hotel, Livingstone Creek (1901-1902)
McIsaac: [Wright] Hotel, Dawson (1899)
McIsaac, Roger: [McIsaac’s] Roadhouse, Canyon Creek (1903)
McIver, Joseph D.: The Oasis Music and Dance Hall, Dyea (1898)
McKay: Yukon Crossing Roadhouse, Yukon Crossing (1923)
McKay, A.E.: [McKay’s Roadhouse], No.18 Below, Bonanza Creek (1902)
McKay, Mrs.H.: Lake View Hotel, Bennett (1899-1901)
McKay, Mrs.M.: Rainier Cafe, Whitehorse (1901)
McKenzie, Andrew D.: Aurora Saloon, Dawson (1901)
McKenzie, Angus: J & L Roadhouse, Gold Bottom (1901)
McKenzie, Mr. & Mrs. Fannie: [McKenzie Roadhouse], No. 18 Below, Hunker Creek (1901)
McKinney: Eldorado Saloon, Klondike City (1899)
McKinney: Green Tree Hotel, Dawson (1899-1902)
McKinney, Dudley: -?- Saloon, Fortymile (1907)
McKinnon, D.A.: [Wheeler's] Roadhouse, No.54 Below, Hunker (1899)
          : New Monte Carlo, Dawson (1902)
McLaren, John T.: Discovery Hotel, Discovery (1907)
McLellan: Keno Cafe & Lunch Room, Dawson (1920)
McLeod: Klondike Hotel, Bennett (1899)
McLeod, Daniel: [McLeod & Campbell Roadhouse], No.28 Below, Hunker (1900)
McLeod, Mrs.Norman: B.C.Hotel: B.C.Hotel, Pine City (?)
McMillan, P.D.: mgr., White Pass Hotel, Whitehorse (1906)
McMurphy, Jack: Caribou Hotel, Carcross (1940-1941)
McNeil, James M.: [McNeil's] Roadhouse, No.3 Below, Upper Dominion (1899)
McNeil, John A.: Palace Hotel Bar, Bennett (1899)
McNeil, Michael I.: [McNeil's] Roadhouse, No.3 Below, Upper Dominion (1899)
McNeeley, Jack: Principal Hotel, Dawson (1904-1907)
McPhee: [McPhee's] Roadhouse, No. 26 Eldorado Creek (1906)
McPhee, William "Bill": Saloon in Fortymile (1894)
          : Pioneer Saloon, Dawson (1897-1899)
McPherson, J.C.: [McPherson] Roadhouse, No.3 Above, Hunker (1901)
McQuarrie, W.J.: [McQuarrie's Roadhouse], No.22 Eldorado (nd)
MacRae, Kenny: Rex Lunch Bar, Dawson (1948)


Macauley: Hotel Chilkoot, Dyea (1898)
Macauley, Norman D.: Victoria Lodging House and Saloon, Skagway (1898)
          : Canyon City Hotel, Canyon City (1899)
          : White Horse Hotel, Whitehorse (1899-1901)
          : Hotel Upper Lebarge, Upper Lebarge (1900)
          : Wynton Hotel, Wynton, BC (1906)
Macfie: [Brooks & Macfie's Roadhouse], No.46 Below, Bonanza (1899)
Mack, Eugene: Carmacks Roadhouse, Carmacks (1903)
Mackison, Raphael: Gold Hill Hotel, Grand Forks: (1902)
Madden, Hugh: Madden House Saloon, Dawson (1898-1899)
Madole: [M&M] Roadhouse, No.30 Below, Hunker Creek (1899)
Madole: Arctic Oyster House, Dawson (1899)
Maher, J.: The Exchange, Atlin (1899)
          : The Exchange, Surprise City (1899-1900)
Mahan, Frank C.: 2 Below Roadhouse, Sulphur City (?)
          : Sulphur Hotel, Sulphur City (1907)
Mahar, William E.: American Hotel, Dawson (1903)
Maloney: The Montana Sample Room, Dyea (1898)
Maltby, F.E.: Regina Hotel, Dawson (1917)
Mann, William D.: No.6 Below Roadhouse, Bonanza Creek (1902)
Manning, Colonel John: Northern Hotel & Bar, Dawson (1898)
          : "Nigger Jim’s" Pavilion, Dawson (1898)
          : New Bonanza Hotel, No. 60 Below, Bonanza Creek (1899)
Manning, Mrs. Ruby: Bonanza Hotel, No.60 Below, Bonanza Ck. (1899)
Marchbank, John W.: Northern Hotel & Bar, Dawson (1899)
          : Horseshoe Saloon and Dance Hall, Dawson (1899)
          : Del Monte Saloon, Dawson (1902)
Marcovitch, Pete: Central Cafe, Dawson (1917)
Marcuson, Mark: [ Forks ] Restaurant, Grand Forks (1899)
Markle, Louis N. & Catherine: Royal Cafe, Whitehorse (1903)
          : Palace Hotel, Bennett (salvage,1905)
          : Bon Ton Cafe, Whitehorse (1906)
          : Robinson Roadhouse (1906)
Marshall: Hotel D'Russell/Gold Bottom Hotel, Gold Bottom (1900- 1901)
Marsten: Elby Roadhouse, No.30 Below Bonanza (1901)
Marteo: Gold Run Hotel, Gold Run (1907)
Martin: Princess Saloon, Skagway (1898)
Martin: Martony Hotel, Dawson (1903)
Martin: Rosalie Hotel, Klondike City (1904-1905)
Martinson, O.: Upper Ferry Hotel, Dawson (1898)
Matheson, A.J.: [Matheson's] Roadhouse, No.2 Above, Lower Dominion Creek (1900)
Matlock, W.F.: Skaguay Brewing Company, Skagway (1898)
Matthews, Fred: Chateau Mayo, Mayo (ca. 1947-1950)
Mattison, Mr. & Mrs.: Hillside Roadhouse, Hunker Creek (1899)
Mauby, F.G.: [No.20 Roadhouse], No.20 Gold Run (1900)
Mayers, J.: [Mayers] Hotel, Klondike City (1900)
Mead, Mr. & Mrs.: Portland Mizpah House, Skagway (1898)
Mead: The Exchange, Atlin (1899)
          : The Exchange, Surprise City (1899-1900)
Meade, Mr. & Mrs.: [No. 5 Below] Roahouse, No. 5 Below, Hunker Creek (1899)
Melhus (Melhouse?): Granville Hotel, Granville (1917-1920)
Mellott, George C.: Yukon Hotel, Conrad (1906)
Mercure, Dick: Chateau Mayo, Mayo (ca. 1947-1950)
Merkley: Bonanza Hotel, Dawson (1917)
Merman, Emil: Miners House & Horseshoe Saloon, Dawson (1898- 1899)
Merritt, John: Gymnasium Bath House, Dawson (1902)
Mervyn, James H.: Chateau Mayo, Mayo (1938- ca. 1947)
Michaux, Charles: Klondike City Hotel, Dawson (1901-1904)
Miles, Mrs.: The Kootenay Dining Room, Atlin (1899)
Millburn, J.B.: 17 Road House, No.17 Eldorado Creek (1900)
Miller: Log Cabin Bakery, Skagway (1897)
Miller: Miller's Roadhouse, Whse-Dawson Trail (1901)
          : Miller & Wilson’s Roadhouse, Whse-Dawson Trail (1902)
Miller, Mrs. A.M.: Balmoral Hotel, Discovery (1905)
          : Discovery Hotel, Discovery (1907)
Miller, J.B.: Gold Hill Restaurant, Gold Hill (1899)
Miller, William Henry: import licence (1898)
Mills, E.: [Mills Roadhouse], King Solomon's Hill (1901)
Mills, Mrs.: [Mills Roadhouse], King Solomon's Hill (1901)
Mitchell, Robert: Eldorado Bottling Works, Dawson (1901)
Moe: Dominion Saloon, Dawson (1901)
Mona, A.: The Yukon Sample Rooms, Skagway (1898)
Montgomery, Frank: Brown's Creek Roadhouse (1893)
Moore, Mrs.: Select Dining Room, Whitehorse (1908)
Moreau, Arthur: North Golden Road House, Dawson (1901)
Morgan, J.: Empire Hotel, Dawson (1901)
Morrisette, J.: Ottawa Hotel, Dawson (1917)
Morrison, Alexander: Hotel Morrison, Dawson (1898)
Morrison, C.A.: Sect'y, Snowy Range Dancing Club, Gold Run (1906)
Morrison, Kate: Adams Road House, No.8 Below, Bonanza (1902)
Moser, C.: S.A. & M. Hot Baths, Dyea (1898)
Moulton, Mrs. A.T.: [Moulton] Hotel, No.30 Below, Hunker (1899)
Mulcahy, C.: Standard Circulating Library and Restaurant, Dawson (1900-1901)
Mullen, F.: Sideboard Saloon, Dawson (1901)
Mulroney, Belinda A.: Grand Forks Hotel, Grand Forks (1897)
          : Fairview Hotel, Dawson (1898-1900)
Munroe, Miss Bella: Fashion Restaurant, Pine City, B.C. (1899)
Munroe, Dan S.: Dominion Road House, No.1 Above Upper Dominion (1900)
Munroe, James: Bank Hotel, Dawson (1901)
Murdock, William: No.11 Gold Run Roadhouse, Gold Run (1901)
Murray, J.C.: The Bonanza, Dawson (1900-1901)
          : [Lynch] Roadhouse, No.17 Eldorado (1901)
Murray, George A.: [Murray's Roadhouse], No.34 Above, Bonanza (1901)
          : [Murray's Roadhouse], No.33 Above, Bonanza Creek (1902)
          : [Lower Dominion Hotel], Lower Dominion (1907)
Murray, Jim: Murray's Roadhouse, Dominion Creek (1936)


Nash, Thomas J.: La-Ha-Na Hotel, Dawson (1898)
Nee, Joseph W.: J.W.Nee's Hotel and Store, Sheep Camp (1898)
          : No.60 Bonanza Hotel (No.60 Above, Bonanza Creek (ca.1900-1902)
          : Commerce Hotel, Dawson: 1907-1917
Neilson: Klondyke City Hotel, Klondike City: 1899
Neilson: Bennett Bakery and Restaurant, Bennett: 1900
Neilson, Greig: Commercial Cafe, Whitehorse: 1905
Nelson: The Klondike Hotel, Dawson: 1898
Nelson: No.12B Roadhouse, No.12B Gold Run: 1900
Nelson, Mrs. Carrie: [No.30 Roadhouse], No.30 Eldorado: 1899
          : Hotel at Pelly, Fort Selkirk: 1907
Nelson, Morris: M & N Bar, Dawson (1907)
Newell, C.H.: ? Hotel, Grand Forks (1899)
Newson, Robert Wesley: [Cultus Bay] Roadhouse (1914)
Nicholson: Elby Roadhouse, No.30 Below Bonanza (1901)
Nicol, J.: Eldorado Bottling Works, Dawson (1901)
Nightingale, Billy: [Nightingale] Hotel, Dawson (1900)
Noble, George: The Criterion, Dawson (1899)
Noble, Mrs. Mary C.: [Noble Rooming House], Dawson (1901)
Nolan, Mary T.: Golden Gate Hotel, No.14 Gold Run (1900-1901)
Noon, John: [Stewart] Roadhouse, Stewart River (1899)
North American Trading & Trans. Co.: Wholesale, Dawson (1899)
          : Regina Hotel, Dawson (1901-1902)


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