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O'Brien, Thomas W.: Dominion Saloon, Dawson (1899)
          : ? Hotel, Dawson Toll-Gate (1899)
          : Dawson Liquor Company, Dawson (1902)
O'Brien: Monte Carlo Saloon, Dawson (1901)
          : Savoy Theatre, Dawson (1901)
O’Brien, Jennie: Arlington Lodging House, Dawson (1902)
O'Brien, S.: White Horse Hotel, Whitehorse (1900)
O'Fallon, F.L.: Golden Flat Hotel, Granville (1906)
O'Gara, Mrs. Eva: O'Gara Rooms, Dawson (1907)
O'Grady, Mrs.: Palace Restaurant, Dawson (ca.1901)
Oliver: Eagle Restaurant, Dawson (1899)
Olsen: International Hotel, Atlin (1899)
Olsen, Olaf: Klondike Hotel, Dawson (1901-1904)
Olshewsky: German Bakery & Restaurant, Skagway (1897)
Osborn: Osborn & White's Roadhouse, Bonanza Creek (1899)
Oslund, C.: Arctic Lodging House, Dawson (1901)
Oswald: Hotel Victoria, Surprise Lake, B.C. (1899)
Oswald, F.: ? Hotel, Bonanza Creek (1899)
Oubridge, Charles R.: manager, Pine Tree Hotel, Discovery (1899)
Owens: Bell Saloon, Dawson (1901)


Palm, A.O.: Palm's Cafe and City Bakery, Dawson (1917)
Palmer: Palmer House, Sheep Camp (1897)
Pantages, A.: Orpheum Theatre, Dawson (1901)
Pate, Al: Miner's Home, Upper Ferry, Klondike River (1899)
Pate, Lee: Miner's Home, Upper Ferry, Klondike River (1899)
Paulson: Olympic Saloon, Dawson (1901)
Payne, Frank: La Fiesta Saloon, Skagway (1899)
Pealee, Charles S.: Jo Jo Hotel, head of Gold Run (1899)
Pearse, F.H.: Principal Hotel, Dawson (1917)
Pearse, Mrs. I.: [Durand & Pearse Roadhouse], No.7 Above Lower Dominion (1899)
Pelland, Paul: manager, The Broadway Hotel, Dawson (1917)
Pellant, Sinai: Broadway Hotel, Dawson (1904)
Penrose, E.T.: Pine Tree Hotel, Discovery, BC (1902)
Perry, Robert: Barney Roadhouse, Dominion Trail (1900)
Peterson: La Fiesta, Skagway (1899)
Peterson, Ramps: Opera House Hotel and Saloon, Dawson (1899)
          : Opera House Theatre, Dawson (1899)
Pfeiffer: [W & P] Restaurant, Dawson (1899)
Phillips, Harry: The Peerless (Saloon), Skagway (1898)
Phillips, H.: Office Saloon, Dawson (1901)
Pierce (Pearse?): Commerce Hotel, Dawson (1901-1903)
Piercy: Dominion Hotel, No.7 Below, Lower Dominion (1902)
Pike, Thomas H.: Pioneer Hotel, Fortymile (1899)
Pillman, E.L.: E.L.Pillman’s Roadhouse, Atlin (1898)
Pittock: Pittock’s Log Cabin Hotel, Log Cabin (1898)
Pixley, Dell: Eight Mile Road House, Ridge Road (1900)
Port, Edward H.: wholesale, Dawson (1899-1900)
          : Olympic Saloon, Dawson (1900-1901)
Port: Northern Light Saloon, Dawson (1902)
Potts, Mrs. Belle: Bridge Hotel, Ogilvie Bridge (1902)
Powell: The Bonanza, Dawson (1900)
Powell: Monte Carlo Saloon, Dawson (1901)
Powell: Bristol Hotel, Dawson (1904)
Powell, J.M.: The Alki Lodging House, Dyea (1898)
Powell, William F.: Gray Copper Hotel, Keno Hill (1923)
Pratt: [Pratt] Hotel and Restaurant, Dyea (1898)
Preido, Mrs. Katherine: Preido Rooms, Dawson (1907)
Preido, William: Gold Bottom Hotel, Gold Bottom (1917)
Pretty: Arctic Saloon, Dawson (1901)
Primus, Mrs. Annie: [Annie's Place], No.33 Above, Bonanza (1900)
Pringle, George A.: Pioneer Hotel, Whitehorse (1901)
          : White Horse Hotel, Whitehorse (1902)
Puckett, William A. & Anna: Takhini Roadhouse, Takhini Crossing (1905-1909)
          : Little River Roadhouse (1905)
Purdy, Mrs. Bertha: Fairview Hotel, Dawson (1900)
Purves, Captain: The Palace Hotel, Dyea (1898)
Puter, J.D.: Portland Hotel, Bennett (1899)


Queen, E.P.: Leland Hotel, Atlin (1902-1903)
Quinn, John P.: Pack Train Inn, Bennett (1900)
          : The Bank, Skagway (1900)
          : The Grand Hotel and Cafe, Atlin (1900)


Racine, Cariste: Windsor Hotel, Whitehorse (1900-1905)
          : New Windsor Hotel, Whitehorse (1905)
Rand: New Arctic Hotel, Bennett (1900)
Rankin, Mrs. Mary A.: Cariboo Road House, No.28 Below, Upper Dominion (1900)
Rauch: Sulphur Hotel, Sulphur (1907)
Rauschman, Thomas "Tommy": Comique Variety Hall & Saloon, Dyea (1898)
Rawlinson, Cyril: Carmacks Roadhouse, Carmacks (1909-1910)
Rawlinson, Seymour: Model Roadhouse, Carmacks (1901)
          :Carmacks Roadhouse, Carmacks (1903-1909)
Raymond: The Northern, Grand Forks (1901)
Ready, Mrs. E.: Caribou Hotel, Carcross (1904)
Reetz, Albert J.: [Reetz Roadhouse], No.48 Below, Bonanza (1899)
          : Palace Roadhouse, No.46 Below, Bonanza (1900-1901)
Renwick, Pat: manager, White Horse Hotel club rooms, Whitehorse (1901)
Rice: ? Saloon, Dawson (1899)
Rice: The Dominion Hotel & Concert Hall, Dyea (1898)
Rice, George L.: Nevada Restaurant, Juneau (early 1890s)
          : Nevada Hotel, Sitka (ca. 1895)
          : [ Rice's ] Hotel, Fortymile (ca. 1896)
          : Grand Hotel and Cafe, Atlin (1899-1900)
          : Pack Train Inn, Bennett (1898-1900)
          : Pack Train Inn, Dawson (1900)
          : The Bank, Skagway (1900)
          : Totem Hotel, Council City (1902)
Rice, Jake: Rice’s Place, Skagway (1897)
          : Rice's New Place, Dyea (1898)
Rice, Levi S.: Miner's Home Upper Ferry, Klondike River (1899)
Richards, T.C.: Whitehorse Inn, Whitehorse (1937-1978)
Richardson, John: Richardson's Road House, Bear Creek (1917)
Richen, Peter: Commercial Hotel, Whitehorse (1905-1906)
Riley, Eugene: [B.R.E. Bath House], Dyea (1898)
Ripstein Bros.: Ripstein Bros.bunkhouse, Dawson (1899)
Ritchie: Bennett Bakery and Restaurant, Bennett (1900)
Ritchie: Ritchie's Roadhouse, Whitehorse-Dawson Trail (1901)
Rittinger, Walter: Clancy Cafe, Skagway (1899)
Robel, A.: The Robel Hotel, Klondike River near Hunker (1900)
Roberts, Sam: The Office (Saloon), Skagway (1898)
Robertson: Robertson's Roadhouse, Whitehorse-Dawson Trail (1901)
Robertson, William A.: Rochester Bar, Dawson (1899)
          : The Grotto Saloon, Dawson (1900)
Robinson, A.W.: Lombard Hotel, No.2 Above, Upper Dominion Creek (1899-1900)
Rochon: Cassiar Hotel, Pine City (1900)
Rochon, A.J.: Midway Saloon, Skagway (1897)
Roderick, May: Gymnasium Bath House, Dawson (1902)
Rogers: Monte Carlo, Dawson (1898)
Rogers: Barnes & Rogers Hotel, Sheep Camp (pre-1905)
Rogers, William Francis: Slims River Roadhouse, Kluane (1903-04)
Rohbak, Charles: Mascotte, Skagway (1898)
Ronkendorf, Fred: German Bakery & Restaurant, Skagway (1901)
          : German Bakery & Restaurant, Conrad (1906-1907)
Rose, Jesse H.: The Windsor Bar, Whitehorse (1901)
Rose, J.P.: manager, The Gold House, Discovery, BC (1902)
Rose, "Billy": The Louvre Cafe, Skagway (1898)
Rosenthal, Elsber (?): Northern Annex Saloon, Dawson (1899-1901)
Ross: Bonanza Saloon, Dawson (1901)
          : [Lynch] Roadhouse, No.17 Eldorado (1901)
Ross, Alex: Seattle Hotel, Dawson (1902)
Ross, Charles: [Ross House], No.7 Below, Bonanza Creek (1900)
Ross, Douglas W.: Skookum Road House, No.30 Below, Bonanza (1899)
Ross, E.M.: Hotel Royal, Discovery, BC (1902)
Rosselli, Ernest E.: mgr., Royal Hotel, Atlin (1901-1903)
          : Kootenay Hotel, Atlin (1907)
Rosthe, Magnus: Walhalla Hotel, Grand Forks (1902)
Rothacher, Arnold: [White Horse] Café, Whitehorse (1903)
Rothacher, Louis: [White Horse] Café, Whitehorse (1903)
Rothweiler, Mrs. M.P.: The Magnet (Magnet House), Klondike (1897-1899)
Rothwell, T.D.: [Rothwell Roadhouse], No.3 Below, Sulphur Creek (1900)
Rousseau, E.: [Rousseau Roadhouse], No.28B Upper Dominion (1901)
Rowlinson, Seymour: Carmacks Roadhouse, Carmacks (1907-1912)
Roxborough, John & Mrs.: Hotel at Surprise Lake (?)
          : Gold House, Discovery (1900 ?)
          : Kootenay Hotel, Atlin (ca.1914-1915)
Rueben, B.: manager, Dyea Brewing Company, Dyea (1898)
Rumball, Ross A.: Indian River Road House, Indian R. (1898-1900)
Runyan, Bud: [B.R.E. Bath House], Dyea (1898)
Rupp, J.P.: Grand Pacific Hotel, Sheep Camp (1898)
Russell, James H.: Hotel Russell, Atlin (1899)
          : Windsor Hotel Bar, Whitehorse (1900)
Rystogi, Andrew: Tanana Hotel, Dawson (1907)
          : Hub/Red Feather Saloon, Dawson (1915)
          : Rochester Hotel, Dawson (1920-1923)


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