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.../... denotes name of hotel changed
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Vaglio, John: Central Hotel, Dawson (1899-1907)
Vaiza (?), J.J.: Cormack's Roadhouse, Carmacks Forks (1899)
Valentine: Princess Saloon, Skagway (1898)
Van Baskirk: Abbott House, Grand Forks (1899)
Van Cleve, Charlie M. & Henrietta: C.M.Van Cleve Road House, Last Chance (1917)
          : Van Cleve's Roadhouse, Keno/Mayo (1936)
Vaughn, Callie: Neptune Baths & Lodging House, Grand Forks (1899)
Vermurier, A.: Bunk House, Hunker Creek (1898)
Vernon, George: Flannery Hotel, Dawson (1901)
Viaux, Mrs.A.K.: mgr., White Pass Hotel, Whitehorse (1923)
Victoria-Yukon Trading Company Ltd.: importing licence (1898)
View, Joseph: Commerce Hotel, Dawson (1907)
Vifquain, B.M.: Pacific Hotel, Dawson (1898)
Vinnecomb, F.W.: Westminster Hotel, Dawson (1917)
Vogl: Donovan Hotel, Dawson (1901)
Votam (Votane?), Luther T.: Miners’ Home, Grand Forks (1902)


Wade: Fairview Hotel, Dawson (1901)
Waechter sisters: Waechter Hotel, Bennett (1899)
Walker, Carrie: [Carrie’s Place], Atlin (ca.1901- )
          : [Carrie’s Place], Discovery (ca.1900-1903)
Walker, C.F.: Windsor Hotel, Whitehorse (1901)
Walker, William: Committee Saloon, Dawson (1902)
Walmsley, William: ? Hotel, Bennett (1900)
          : Caribou House, Carcross (1901)
Walter, Frank J.: Regina Hotel, Whitehorse (1901-1902)
Warnock, Mrs.H.W.: [Warnock Roadhouse], Gold Bottom (1900)
Warren: ? Hotel, Hunker Creek (1899)
Watson, Charlie: Windy Arm Hotel, Conrad City (1905-1907)
Watson-Lister, Mrs.: [Teslin Restaurant], Teslin Lake (1898)
          : Teslin Restaurant, Pine City (1899)
Watt, John: ? Hotel, Eldorado Creek (1899)
: Rosalie Hotel, Klondike City (1907)
Webb, Joseph: Miner’s Friend Restaurant, Grand Forks (1902)
Webb, Nick: Skaguay Beer Hall, Skagway (1898)
Weisman: The Monte Carlo Bar and Lodging, Dyea (1898)
Weiter, J.H.: The Criterion, Dawson (1900-1904)
          : Hotel Flannery, Dawson (1901)
          : Elite Hotel, Dawson (1901)
          : Log Cabin Hotel (1901)
Welch, Edward: The Dominion, Dyea (1898)
Werline, Jean: Home Lunch Room, No.87 Below, Bonanza Ck. (1899)
          : Thistle Roadhouse, No. 79 Below, Bonanza Creek (1901)
Wessel, Charles: Pacific Hotel, Dawson (1898)
West: B.C.Hotel and Restaurant, Atlin (1899)
West, Hank: [West-Hirschberg Roadhouse] (1899)
West, J.: wholesale liquor dealer, Bennett (1900-1901)
          : Commercial Hotel, Whitehorse (1901)
Whalen, Capt.: Pelly Crossing Roadhouse, Whse-Dawson Trail (1901)
Wheele, W.D.: 36 Road House, Gold Run (1900)
Wheeler: Wheeler's Roadhouse, Whse-Dawson trail (1923)
Wheeler, H.E.: [Wheeler's] Roadhouse, No.54 Below, Hunker (1898)
Whipple, W.W.: Whipple Cafe, Dyea (1898)
White Pass & Yukon Route: Atlin Inn, Atlin (1916-1936)
White: American Bakery and Lunch House, Skagway (1897)
White: Osborn & White's Roadhouse, Bonanza Creek (1899)
White, Mr.& Mrs.: Boulder Hotel, No.33 Below, Bonanza Creek (1901)
White, Thomas: Driad Hotel, Upper Dominion (1900)
Whitmore, Mrs.M.: Freeman Hotel, Dawson (1917)
Whitte, Thomas: Golden North Hotel, Skagway (1898)
Wickstrom, Peter: Hotel Wickstrom, Skagway (1898)
Williamson: The Hotel Mascotte, Sheep Camp (1898)
Wills, A.E.: Gold Run Hotel, No.28 Gold Run Creek (1900)
Wilson: Opera House, Dawson (1899)
Wilson: Wilson's Roadhouse, Whse-Dawson Trail Mile 135 (1901)
          : Miller & Wilson’s Roadhouse, Whse-Dawson Trail (1902)
Wilson: roadhouse, Caribou Crossing (1899-1900)
          : Hotel Maine, Upper Lebarge (1901)
Wilson, Mrs.A.: Rochester Hotel, Dawson (1902)
Wilson,Mrs.Ella Louise: Yukon Hotel, Dawson (1920-1934)
          : Miners' Rest/Yukon Hotel, Dawson (1934-1954)
Wilson, J.W.: Regina Hotel, Dawson (1902)
Wilson, M.: New Monte Carlo, Dawson (1902)
Wilson, W.M.: The Antlers Club, Dawson (1898)
          : The Tacoma Hotel, No.60 Below, Bonanza (1898-1899)
Wilson, William: lessee, White Horse Café, Whitehorse (1900)
Wilson, William "Billy": New Bonanza Hotel, No. 60 Below, Bonanza Creek (1899)
Wolden Mrs.Rita: [Rita's Place], Dominion Creek (1901)
Wolfe, F.C.: Swift's Cabin, White Horse (1899-1900)
Woodburn, W.M.: Opera House Theatre, Dawson (1899)
Wooldridge, Herbert: Conrad Hotel, Conrad (1905-1906)
Woolrich, Harry: mgr., Monte Carlo Theatre, Dawson (1899)
Worden, Charlie: Monte Christo Saloon, Dawson (1898)
          : Worden Hotel, Dawson (1899)
Wosika: Rosalie Hotel, Klondike City (1905)
Wright: Board of Trade, Atlin (1899)
Wright: [W & P] Restaurant, Dawson (1899)
Wright: [Wright] Hotel, Dawson (1899)
Wright, William: Lelland House, Dawson (1902)
Wrong, Fred B.: Taku Hotel, Taku Landing (1907)
Wylie: Northern Light Saloon, Dawson (1902)
Wyman, Mrs.: Madden House Restaurant, Dawson (1899)



Yamasaki, Harry: Galena Hotel, Keno Hill (1923)
Yeager, J.T.: [Yeager Roadhouse], No.7, Lower Dominion (1900)
Yeager, Mrs.Nellie: [Yeager Roadhouse], No.31, Lower Dominion (1901)
Yoshida, King: Whitehorse Inn, Whitehorse (1927-1937)
Youle: Arcade Café, Dawson (1905)
Young: Eldorado Saloon, Klondike City (1899)
Young, Harry: Harry Young's Bath & Lodging House, Skagway (1898)
Young, William O.: Reception Saloon, Dawson (1901)


Zbenden: [Pratt] Hotel and Restaurant, Dyea (1898)
Zorn, Charles K.: Caribou House, Caribou Crossing (1899-1901)


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