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Saake, Charles A.: City Brewery, Skagway (1898)
Sabrin: [The Miners' Rest], Teslin Lake (1898)
          : The Miners' Rest, Discovery, B.C. (1899-1902)
Sadlier, Harry: Dome Hotel, The Dome (1899)
St. Jean, E.: Golden Flat Hotel, Granville (1903)
Sakata, Massa: Rex Lunch Bar, Dawson (1948)
Salmon, William C.: [Salmon] Bath House and Laundry, Grand Forks (1902)
Salois, Fabien & Eileen: Occidental Hotel, Dawson (ca.1950-1980)
Sampson: Sampson's Hotel, Skagway (1898)
Sandell, George: Moose Creek Roadhouse, Moose Creek (1904)
Sargentach, Milo: Summit House Restaurant, Skagway (1898)
Say: The Grand Hotel, Grand Forks (1901)
Schade, Gus: The Louvre Cafe, Skagway (1898)
Schiez, B.: S.A. & M. Hot Baths, Dyea (1898)
Schmidt, C.: Yukon Hotel, possibly Atlin (ca. 1899)
Schmidt, M.: The Collosseum, Skagway (1898)
Schmidt, P.: Cormack's Roadhouse, No.60 Above, Bonanza Ck. (1899)
Schoenberger, Miss M.: Original Cafe, Dawson (ca.1906)
Schoeraffe, Mrs.: [Brown’s Roadhouse], No.1 Above, Upper Dominion (1899)
Schonburn, Louis B.: Yukon Hotel, Dawson (1898)
Schuler, Bert: Gold Hill Hotel, Grand Forks (1899)
          : New Gold Hotel, Grand Forks (1899)
Schulz: Royal Hotel, Discovery (1905)
Schulze, A.P.: -?- Hotel, Fortymile (1907)
Scoland, Mrs.: [Burt Roadhouse], No.36 Below, Upper Dominion (1899)
Scott, Alfred H.: Scott Hotel, Carcross (1900-1912)
Scott, John W.: Scott Hotel, Carcross (1900-1912)
Scott, Mathilde "Ruby": Ruby's Place, Dawson (1935-1969)
Segbers, J.A.: Yukonia Hotel, Dawson (1917)
Seiffert, G.: Board of Trade, Dawson (1899)
Shaffer, John Clark: [D & S Roadhouse], Hunker Creek (1899)
Shallcross: Hotel Chilkoot, Dyea (1898)
Shand, David: Hotel Stewart, Stewart River (1900-1918)
Shand, Margaret "Peggy": Hotel Stewart, Stewart River (1900-1918)
Shannon, Walla W.: Arctic Saloon, Dawson (1907-08)
Sharp, Mrs. Winnifred: Dominion Hotel, Whitehorse (1911)
Shaver, Alexander: Thistle Creek Roadhouse, Thistleton (1907)
Shaw: Cliff House, Klondike River (1899)
Shaw, Mrs.: manager, The Bank Cafe, Dawson (1899)
Shaw, Bill: Carmacks Roadhouse, Carmacks (1909-1910)
Shesni: Shesni & Shogrin Roadhouse, Mayo-Keno (1930s)
Shogrin: Shesni & Shogrin Roadhouse, Mayo-Keno (1930s)
Short: Colorado Roadhouse, Carmack’s Forks (n.d.)
Shropshire, D.M.: [Shropshire House], No.4 Above, Lower Dominion Creek (1899)
          : [Shropshire House], No.6 Above, Lower Dominion (1899)
Shroyer, William: [Shroyer's Roadhouse], No.60 Above, Bonanza (1900)
Sibille, Victor: Donovan Hotel, Dawson (1904)
Siffert: Board of Trade Saloon, Dawson (1898-1899)
Simon, F.E.: The Combination, Dawson (1898)
Simonds, A.E.: Lynch & Simonds Roadhouse, No.20 Gold Run (1900)
          : [Simonds] Roadhouse, No.14 Gold Run (1901)
Simons, Frank: Opera House, Dawson (1899)
Simpson, Mrs. Henrietta: The Bennett Kitchen, Bennett (1899)
          : Simpson Hotel, Bennett (1900)
          : Simpson Hotel, Cheechako Hill, Bonanza Creek (1901)
          : Simpson Hotel, Dawson (1901)
Simpson, Miss Sanova: Royal Cafe, Dawson (1901)
Simson, William Hubert: Wynton Hotel, Wynton, BC (1906)
Sinclair, Duncan: Nugget Saloon, Dawson (1901-1902)
Singer, Gustave August: Yukon Hotel, Conrad (1906)
Sirois, Jean: manager, Ottawa Roadhouse, No.7 Below, Lower Dominion (1903)
Skata, J.W.: Occidental Cafe, Dawson (1917)
Skelly, Gilbert: Canyon Roadhouse, Kluane (1904)
Skelton, Mrs. H.H.: Aurora Hotel, Dawson (1917)
Slavin, Frank: Balmoral Hotel, Discovery (1903)
Slinning, F.H.: Celtic Hotel, Dawson (1907)
Slippern, Jacob: Central Hotel, Gold Run (1901)
Sloggy, Mrs. C.P.: Mrs.Sloggy's Roadhouse, No.28 Gold Run (1901)
Smart, J.E.: Closeleigh Hotel and Saloon, Whitehorse (1899-1900)
Smart, Robert: manager, Pioneer Hotel, Whitehorse (1903)
Smith: The Hotel Metropole, Atlin (1899)
Smith: The Klondike Hotel, Dawson (1898)
Smith, Jack: Monte Carlo, Dawson (1898)
Smith, Jefferson Randolph "Soapy": Jeff Smith's Parlor, Skagway (1898) (The Soapy Smith Preservation Trust)
Smith, Miss: San Francisco Restaurant, Dawson (1899)
          : The Home Hotel, Klondike (1901)
Smith, R.C.: Skaguay Brewing Company, Skagway (1898)
Smith, Theo: Palace Restaurant, Dawson (1899)
          : Klondike Hotel Restaurant, Dawson (1899)
Smith, W.O.: Bonanza Park and Mineral Spring, Klondike (1898)
Snartemo: Keno Cafe & Lunch Room, Dawson (1920)
Snawise, Mrs.: White House Hotel, Dawson (1903)
Snure, Daniel Gerald: Dan's Cabin, Hootalinqua (1900-1901)
          : [Livingstone Hotel] (1901-1907)
Sola, Fred (Joseph?): Central Hotel, Dawson (1899-1907)
Solomonson, Sol: The Wonder Hotel, Dyea (1898)
Somerville, W.V.: Green Tree Saloon, Dawson (1899-1900)
Sorel: Old Bartlett Saloon & Hotel, Hunker Creek (1900)
Sousie, Mrs. Mary: Sousie Lodging House, Dawson (1903)
Spencer: Pioneer Saloon, Dawson (1898)
Spencer, Jennie: Star Bakery, Atlin (1899)
          : Spencer Hotel, Conrad (1909-1911)
Spitzel, A.: Reception Saloon, Dawson (1901)
Sproul, G.P.: Hotel McDonald, No.36 Above, Sulphur Creek (1899)
Stanish, Anton: Pack Train Restaurant, Skagway (1897)
Stanley: Monte Christo Saloon, Dawson (1898)
Stanley, Sam: Hotel Worden, Dawson (1898)
Stark, Mrs. O.C.: Brunswick Hotel, Dyea (1898)
Starr, Mrs. Elsie: Hillside Roadhouse, Klondike (1899)
Stetson, W.H.: The Oasis Music and Dance Hall, Dyea (1898)
Stett, Dr. J.H.: The Northern Hotel, Atlin (1899)
Stevens: Stevens Roadhouse, Whse-Dawson (1905)
Stevens, John: Stevens' Hotel, No.12B Gold Run (1917)
Stevens, Robina: Friscoe House, No.17 Eldorado Creek (1900)
Stevenson, J.W.: The Hoffman Hotel, Dawson (1899)
          : The Hoffman Saloon and Grill Room, Dawson (1899)
Stewart, Jack: Vendome Hotel, Bennett (salvage,1910)
Strite: Hotel Grand, Dawson (1900)
Stuart: Pioneer Hotel, Whitehorse (1900)
Sullivan: Dewey Hotel, Grand Forks (1900)
Sullivan, E.H.: Monte Carlo Theatre & Concert Hall, Dawson (1898)
          : ? Saloon, Dawson (1899)
Sunderland: McCafferty & Sunderland's Roadhouse, Mayo (1920s)
Sunderland, Mrs. May: Mayo Home Bakery and Cafe, Mayo (1920)
Sutherland: Ottawa Hotel & Bar, Dawson (1899)
Sutherland: Central Hotel, Dawson (1917)
Sutherland, D.: ? Hotel, Stewart River (1899)
Sutherland, Peter: Eldorado saloon, Dawson (1898)
Sutton, J.H.: Opera House Theatre, Dawson (1899)
Svenson, Sven: Eclipse Hotel, Last Chance (1917)
Swanson, Frank: Family Theatre, Dawson (1899)
Swartzell: [Pratt] Hotel and Restaurant, Dyea (1898)
Sylvester, Ms. Sila: [No.14 Roadhouse], No.14 Gold Run (1901)
Synch: No.12B Roadhouse, No.12B Gold Run (1900)
Le Syndicate Lyonnaise du Klondyke: Melbourne Hotel, Dawson (1902-1903)


Taddie, A.T.: Taddie's Hotel, Granville (1917-1920)
Taggart, S.W.: California Road House, No.30 Gold Run (1900)
Taillard: [55 Roadhouse], No.55 Below, Hunker (1900)
Tallmire, Joe: Vendome Hotel, Atlin (1900-1902)
          : Royal Hotel, Discovery, BC (1905)
Tardell, Adolph E.: Brewery Depot Hotel, Grand Forks (1898)
          : Eldorado Hotel, Grand Forks (1898-1900)
Taylor: Model Roadhouse, Nordenskiold River (Carmacks)(1901)
Taylor, H.W.: mgr., Savoy Hotel, Whitehorse (1900)
Taylor, Mrs. Harry: Railroad Eating House, Bennett (1903)
Taylor, Mrs. M.J.: Palace Hotel, Bennett (1899)
          : Grand Palace Hotel, Bennett (1899)
          : Savoy Hotel, Whitehorse (1900)
          : Railroad Eating House, Bennett (1901-1903)
Teel: Tahkeena Roadhouse, Takhini Crossing (1901)
Tennant: Hotel Mondamin, Skagway (1898)
Tewsley: Gold Run Hotel, Gold Run (1907)
Thagard, J.T.: Northern/Kootenay/Northern Hotel, Atlin (1900-1901)
Thibert: Hebert Hotel, No.30 Below, Hunker (1900)
Thomas, William: Northern Annex, Dawson (1899-1900)
Thompson, F.C.: manager, Criterion Hotel, Dawson (1900)
Thompson, Mrs. L.: Old Vienna Restaurant, Skagway (1898)
          : at Grand Forks (1899)
          : Savoy Dining Room, Dawson (1899-1900)
Thompson, Mollie: The Globe Hotel, Grand Forks (1901)
Thompson, R.: The Hub Hotel, No.5 Below, Bonanza Creek (1902)
Thompson, Mrs. R.: The Hub Hotel, No.5 Below, Bonanza Creek (1902)
Thornton, A.B.: Seven Mile Tent, Whse-Dawson Trail (1901)
Tiemeyer, Fred: German Bakery, Grand Forks (1904)
Tolmie, D.: Tanana Hotel, Dawson (1917)
Tomoff, Mike: Northern Lights Hotel, Keno (1937)
Tony: Martony Hotel, Dawson (1903)
Tracy, Fred N.: manager, The Tivoli, Dawson (1899)
Traversey, Noel: [Traversey Roadhouse], mouth of Hunker (1900)
Trempe, P.P.: Golden Flat Hotel, Granville (1903)
Trotman, V.: manager, Royal Hotel, Atlin (1904)
Trump, Fred: New Arctic Hotel, Bennett (1900)
          : Arctic Hotel, Whitehorse (1901-1902)
Tugwell, Thomas Sr.: Tugwell's British Hostelry, Log Cabin (1898)
Tugwell, Thomas Jr.: Tugwell's Hotel, Log Cabin (1898-1908)
Turner, Frank: Yukon Hotel, Bennett (1899)
          : Grand Hotel, Whitehorse (1900-1901)
Turner, H.A.: manager, Cock & Cleveland Road House, Gold Run Creek (1899)
Turney, R.M.: Northern/Kootenay/Northern Hotel, Atlin (1900-1901)
Tunnicliffe, Samuel: Broadway Hotel, Mayo (1923-24)
Tystad, O.O.: [Tystad] Roadhouse, Quartz Creek (1909)


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