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Welcome to

The CarcrossCam

Located in Canada's Yukon Terrritory, at 60° 10' N, 134° 42'W.
Elevation: 2,170 feet, 662 meters     Population: 431 (December 2010)

To The Best of the CarcrossCam

To Life on the Edge: Images of Carcross

This page is being kept for general interest, but I sold the cabin in 2012, and it was demolished by the new owners.

    Greetings from Carcross! I'm Murray Lundberg, and this is the view to the NNE from my cabin, looking through the kitchen window over Lake Bennett, the village of Carcross, and Caribou Mountain. (Due to ongoing technical problems and the high cost of maintaining the webcam system, the image is now only updated occasionally - the date on the image will always show when it was taken)

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    The webcam just shows a narrow slice of the view - to see a panorama covering about 140°, click here (now shows a May 2004 image). A winter shot with locations named can be seen here.

    To see how we used to celebrate the longest day (June 21) in Carcross, see this article. On December 21st, the shortest day of the year, the sun is only up from 10:08 until 3:50.

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    To see the current and forecast weather, click on the weather graphic to the right (Environment Canada) or here (The Weather Network). Be aware, however, that the weather shown is actually for Whitehorse (even though it says Carcross). The weather can be dramatically different than what is reported, enough to put people who believe the report in danger at times.