The Montana Roadhouse

Accommodation in True Klondike Style


Carcross, Yukon

Step Back in Time!

    At the Montana Roadhouse, you can be sure of having a real Yukon experience - none of that sissy running-water and TV stuff for our guests.

    The roadhouse is a genuine Klondike stampeder's cabin, and no effort has been spared to ensure that you get the real feel of what it was like to take part in the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897-1898. Few such remnants from the exciting history of the Yukon and Alaska remain, and your hosts have gone to great lengths to ensure that the government doesn't know this one exists.

    Our location on the shore of Lake Bennett makes getting your water a simple matter, and with the glaciers that form the lake only 20 miles away, you won't even need ice cubes. Although we thought about running the cabin in a B&B fashion, we feel that most people would prefer to get the "real Yukon experience" by being independent - we do make sure that there is lots of wood for the little cookstove, though.

    For a never-to-be-forgotten adventure, you can even hop a freight train almost from your doorstep.

    Wildlife viewing? You bet - a grizzly sow and her cubs have been spending several weeks each summer at a mineral spring beside the roadhouse, offering superb opportunities for nature photographers, often right from your bedroom window. Of note to those who want closeup photos of the grizzly cubs, Carcross is very well serviced by medivac aircraft.

    Wilderness hiking opportunities abound - to start with, it's a one-mile hike into the roadhouse from the South Klondike Highway. The location of "the facilities" ensures that you also get regular opportunities to go for a walk through the beautiful Yukon boreal forest.

    Canoe rentals are also available - you can paddle in comfort here, far from nosey park rangers who insist that you wear clothes. This is Yukon wilderness at its finest! Speaking of nude canoeing, it's also a photographer's paradise, and film (as well as charming moose nugget jewellery), is available at our gift counter.

    For more information, or to book your Yukon adventure, write to us at:

Montana Roadhouse
c/o Whitehorse Correctional Centre, Block 'C'
Box 1703
Whitehorse, YT

(winter address)

If your letter to us gets returned, we may have gotten early release,
so please contact Murray, our webmaster.

And if you'd like much more civilized accommodations than what we offer, visit the Yukon cabin rentals page at Travel Yukon.

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