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Glenora Guest Ranch Ltd.
Telegraph Creek, British Columbia

As of September 2012, the Glenora Guest Ranch is closed, and will not be accepting guests anymore.
Nancy Ball would like to sincerely thank all of the people she met over the past few decades for help making her life so interesting and rewarding.


  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Photography tours
  • Artists' Retreat (see example)
  • Quiet, peaceful surroundings
  • Rustic Accommodation
  • Home Cooked Meals
  • Exploration crew base camp
  • Reasonable Rates
    Nestled in the Stikine Valley near Telegraph Creek, B.C., Glenora Guest Ranch is a true wilderness lodge offering a charming, rustic atmosphere and personalized service far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You'll quickly discover that a cozy log cabin with a spectacular mountain view is a guaranteed stress-eliminator!

Swimming Bear     The surrounding area is largely uninhabited, thus allowing plenty of opportunities to see the local wildlife first hand (like our very wet friend to the right!). In the 1950s, Glenora Ranch was a world-famous big game guiding operation, featured in scores of magazine articles and books. We no longer offer hunting, and the richness of the land that surrounds us is now available to those with a desire to both enjoy and preserve it. Your hostess, Nancy Ball, loves to show visitors the joy of life in the wilderness. To read a bit about her, click here (extracted from Bonnie Demerjian's new book "Roll On! Discovering the Wild Stikine River").

    The Stikine River is one of the last untamed rivers left in Britsh Columbia. It is rich with history and geographical diversity. After a long winding journey through some of British Columbia's most scenic country it spills out into the salt water at Wrangell, Alaska. It is well known for its salmon and steelhead fishing as well as being a first class kayaking river.

Telegraph Creek runs into the Stikine, and is the location of the town of Telegraph Creek, a scenic little village with some beautiful landmarks, notably the RiverSong Cafe, and home to the Tahltan Nation.

    The Glenora Guest Ranch offers you an in-depth look at the wilderness of the North. To learn more about the region, see the hundreds of articles and thousands of links at ExploreNorth.


For more information contact:
Nancy Ball
P.O. Box 97,
Telegraph Creek, B.C., Canada
V0J 2W0
Phone: (250) 235-3371

Please note that our remote location means that email isn't available, and even telephone service is very poor. Often the mail system is the only way to get in touch with us.

All photos and logos contained herein are © 1997-2011 by Nancy Ball.

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