W1LYD - Carcross, Yukon Territory

(formerly N1HUT)


Welcome to Brian & Anita's base in the Yukon,
the legendary "Land of Magic & Mystery"!

    If you'd care to pull up a stool, we'd love to show you around this little corner of the world.

    The first picture shows me in my job with the White Pass & Yukon Route railway in Skagway, Alaska. Alternating between locomotive engineer and conductor lets me play with the machinery and talk to travelers too - a great combination. You can see lots more about "The Scenic Railway of the World" at WPYR.com or railfan site RailsNorth.com.

    The next picture is a "live" view of Carcross as seen from our neighbour Murray Lundberg's cabin. Our cabin is right behind the flagpole in that picture - you may be able to see our 45' tower and Cushcraft X-7 beam glistening in the Yukon sun. Murray built this Web page for us, and that picture feeds directly from the webcam in his kitchen window. If you'd like to see what it looks like in other seasons, there's an album of past pictures from the webcam here.

    There are only 400 people in Carcross now - it's so quiet that it's hard to believe what it was like over 100 years ago. In the spring of 1898, that little piece of water between Murray and us (the Nares River) was jammed full of boats, barges and rafts of all kinds, loaded with people headed for the Klondike goldfields. In just one week, right after the ice on Lake Bennett broke, over 7,000 boats and 25,000 people passed by! That's Lake Bennett to the left - a famous photograph taken that week shows boats thick on the water as far as you could see to the south. Now you may occasionally see 3 boats on a warm summer day!

    The roots of the YL (Anita) go deep here. It was her Native relatives who broke trail and packed supplies for the Klondike stampeders, and her grandfather, Johnnie Johns, who guided the surveyors through the bush when they were looking for a route for the Alaska Highway in the 1940s.

    The pictures below show the radio room ("Studio A", but the YL prefers the term "bedroom"!) and the living room of the 100-year-old cabin (the radio gear is only half that old). It was lived in for many years by Bobby Watson, son of Matthew Watson, a tinsmith and merchant who arrived here in 1898 and never left. His store still stands across the street from us. If you'd like to know more about the village, there's lots of information at ExploreNorth's Carcross page.

    Below - the new X-7 beam goes up at the cabin in October '02, and N1HUT with N7MVL RR mobile in the cab of WP&YR locomotive #114.

    Below - we spend some time at my former home in Vermont, where W1LYD Portable (seen on the left) gets set up. The picture on the right shows me rigging a 1/4 wave 75 dipole with open feeders for it in November '01.
    Anita and I have had "eyeball QSOs" with many of our AM friends during our travels. As this Web page continues to grow, we hope to have "cyber QSOs" with many more of you. Pop me a note at W1LYD@hotmail.com.

73   Brian and Anita

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